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For the people who would like their unmarked stories marked, please post a link to them in this post and I'll get around to it when the new competition starts and I find time after I settle down into my new job =3

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Mod Post 2

The Competition Website

Please read through all the things you haven't read before (if you have read everything then the only thing you have to read is the "How the Competition Works" Section) and finish your applications in the relevant places and friend the relevant journals.

Competition will begin as soon as we have 20 players positions filled, I am hesitant to announce this competition in public in case we get dead players.

Please advertise this community and I hope it will spread through word of mouth and the competition will get bigger with each game.

Once again I'm sorry for how disorganized Game 00 was and i hope this one runs better and everyone has more fun.
haruhi suzumiya *chu*

Mod Post

This is where you guys start to hate me.

I have spent half the night (work shift night..so maybe 3 - 4 hours) thinking this over and I've decided that I am going to discontinue this game of the competition to give it a complete revamp and redo. The following will be implemented upon the revamp:

A user account which everyone should add for announcements.
A new community to reply to the competition rounds.

These two features will allow people who wish to see all the other entries to do so and for the people who want to see announcements on their LJ without the entries clutter they are also able to do so.

Updated frequently with announcements, a results ladder and link compilations for easy access for all the fics which were submitted for each round.

Mailing List
People who wish to receive updates about each round in their e-mail account including a 12 hour and 6 or 1 hour remaining calls so people can get their fics in on time.

Better Prize system
To bribe people in being more enthusiastic and participating more often. The prize list and format can be seen at the bottom of this post in an LJ cut.

In doing all this the organization will be easier on everyone including me and that is a major plus as my times are going to become slightly more busy. I'm deeply sorry to all the people who tried hard in this round and have received no reward thus far but I want this competition to get better and to weed out all the people who registered but are just clogging up space. As you can see the prizes are also more physical items instead of monetary gifts such as LJ accounts and such mainly because as you would all know I'm going back to school and getting a pay cut. >.> And before any of you guys feel bad the items I'm listing are things that deserve a better home than I'm giving.

There will be 20 spaces opened up in the new revamped competition and the announcement about the opening of that competition will be made here. As for the 20 spaces they are going to be open to the people who are a part of this community first and if the spaces aren't filled up by the time I have organized the new competition into place, then I will open it up to the public. However I want to reward...somewhat everyone's loyalty so far.

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Once again I'm really sorry for making this decision but the way things are running right now are really irritating me.

Placements are open for community people right now:
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Akito Pout

Sins of the Father

Round Three - Envy

Title: Sins of the Father
Fandom: XXXHolic
Characters: Watanuki and Yuko
Rating: PG to be safe
Disclaimer: I so totally own them. Don't I wish.
Summary: Watanuki's finally paid up. What happens next?

A little late due to familial and internet circumstances

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I'll Carry You

The Breath of a Soldier

Round: 1 - Make-up for entering late
Title: The Breath of a Soldier
Pairing: 2+1
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine. *Cries enthusiastically*
Authors Notes:

This fic has a double purpose. It was written for a contest at fic_n_pic (Which is why it was rushed and isn't nearly as good as it could be!), but the idea actually came from a fic by sunhawk16, which I believe is called 'Gifts of the Heart', but I can't check because her page on the Little Piece of Gundam Wing archive is down. *Weeps* So, though this is for a contest, it's ACTUALLY a gift fic for sunhawk16. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with Halloween, but, um... Happy Halloween anyway! (Just need an excuse for the random gift fic. ^.~) I read Gifts of the Heart and really wanted to see some of the journal entries from that gift of Duo's. It was really just a fleeting idea, but then when I was prompted with Spring, I had NO IDEA what to write. That's when the journal idea flitted back through my head, and I said, "Hey, I could write some gift fiction. I think I will." And so... here it is.

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haruhi suzumiya *chu*

Holy..what? 8 entries?

Is that it? >.>

Outta all 30 people there were 8 entries this round. Bwah...

I don't get it seriously I don't.


Round 3 end.

The people who are doing re-tries know who they are and that's going for another week.

...*prays it's just people having lack of inspiration or studying over exam period and entries and re-tries go up next round*

As for the results being posted...I swear I will do that soon. Right now is a busy period for me and I promise it's all organized, I jsut haven't quite finished yet...just pretend I'm trying to add to the competition tension or something like that.

Please more people enter next round, I'm begging you ;-;
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Round 3 - Envy

Title: Where Is My Place
Fandom: Love Mode
Characters: Tien Lee, Haruomi x Kiichi
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: *Red Eyed* They are mine, MINE!!!!!
Summary: Tien Lee's POV in "I'm Hungry II"
x-posted wherever relevant.

The below link is not a LJ cut, it links to my page.

( in your heart )
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